North Dakota Rural Water Systems Association (NDRWSA) is a non-profit, independent corporation governed by an elected board of directors. The association was formed on July 9, 1974, in an effort to coordinate rural water systems on a statewide basis. NDRWSA exists to enhance the quality of life in small communities by providing training, technical, managerial & financial assistance, and representation to public water and wastewater utilities, while maintaining environmental integrity.

In many areas of North Dakota, water used for domestic, municipal, and livestock needs, is of insufficient quantity and/or quality. This has inconvenienced the residents of small towns and rural areas, as well as slowed the overall economic growth of North Dakota. The formation of rural water systems has helped to bring clean, safe water to many of these areas throughout North Dakota.

Rural water systems are similar to city water systems where water is piped underground directly to the user's residence. Rural water systems can provide an increased and stable supply of water which meets state and federal health standards, and is of a much better quality than is available in private wells.

Quality on Tap for all North Dakotans

The NDRWSA is committed to the vision that all of North Dakota has access to affordable, ample, and quality water. We do this by coordinating the efforts of communities, tribal systems, and rural water systems in their endeavors to complete the water infrastructure in ND. We work with local, private, state, and federal interests to creatively finance water projects and are committed to supporting the Dakota Water Resources Act Federal appropriation.

Quality water on tap across ND will enable economic development by helping to stabilize populations and increase property values. Rural water systems provide a consistent quality and quantity water supply for manufacturing/processing plants and increase the bottom line for livestock producers. Rural water systems are an efficient way to provide a dependable quality water supply at an affordable cost.