Mailing/physical address: 2718 Gateway Ave, Ste #201, Bismarck, ND  58503

Phone:  701-258-9249 or 1-800-349-6951

You can also reach us through the Contact/Request Assistance tab.  Complete the form and someone from our office will contact you within two business days.

Executive Director - Eric Volk

Finance Director - Lisa Schatz

Events and Social Media Coordinator- Jackie Nye

SRF Program Specialist - Chuck Mischel

Source Water Specialist - Rachel Takala

Workforce Development/Training Specialist - Position is Currently Open

Wastewater Technician West - Keith Hegney

Wastewater Technician East - Daniel Overmoe

Water Quality Action Specialist - Julie Hein

Circuit Rider East - Nathan Olmsted

Circuit Rider West - Ward Heidbreder