COVID-19 Information

NDRW Assistance Still Available During COVID-19 Emergency

Due to the current health emergency situation, effective March 17, 2020, the ND Rural Water Systems Association (NDRWSA) will be implementing a modified work schedule for its employees. We will temporarily suspend our normal onsite water/wastewater system visits. Our staff will still be available by phone and email for day to day questions, concerns and assistance (contact info below).

The staff will be available for emergency onsite assistance only. We have developed the following policy to layout what we believe an emergency situation is. 

Water related issues will be considered on their potential impacts to public health and property damage. Examples that we would respond to include loss of water supply, low pressure that poses a contamination threat, contaminant problems, NDDEQ requests to assist a public water system, assisting with leak isolation to prevent contamination and property damage. Leak detection will be conducted for water systems that are experiencing a 30% or greater loss of water over the system’s daily average for water use.

Wastewater related issues will also be considered on their potential impacts to public health and property damage. Examples of issues that we would respond to include sewer overages, lift station problems that could cause wastewater backups, investigation of repeated line blockages that require repairs and locating of system components to prevent contamination and property damage.

The examples listed are not all inclusive. We will take the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act into consideration for all requests for assistance.

I take the health and wellbeing of my staff very seriously. I also take the needs of our water/wastewater systems very seriously. We hope to strike the perfect balance in maintaining each of these.

We are all experiencing new ways of dealing with day to day life. Providing safe drinking water and properly disposing of wastewater are not immune to these challenges. I assure you, NDRWSA is there to help you through all of this.

Good Luck! Eric Volk, Executive Director, NDRWSA.

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Sampling Information

Additional Resources

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Readiness: Sustaining Operations”, is a document that identifies areas of concern for water systems, such as personnel and supply shortages as well as employee scheduling and the need to have reliable employee backups.

Keeping the workplace safe”, covers employee cleanliness and good hygiene practices.

"Introduction to Coronaviruses”, is intended to provide information on the transmissive nature of the coronavirus through our water and wastewater utilities.
The COVID-19 Health Hotline will be run and operated by the Department of Health, the number is (866) 207-2880. If concerns or issues arise specific to water systems, please reach out to the drinking water program, (701) 328-5211.

Other Agencies

NDRW reccomends utilites monitor information from the following trusted sources: 

CDC - Center for Disease Control & Prevention

EPA  - US Environmental Protection Agency

OSHA - Occupationa Safety and Health Administration

WHO  - World Health Organization

CISA  -  Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency