December 8, 2023

Water Commission Approves $6.89 Million in Cost-Share for Water Projects

BISMARCK, ND – At the North Dakota State Water Commission (SWC) meeting chaired by Lieutenant Governor Tammy Miller on December 8, the SWC approved $6.89 million in cost-share requests. The requests included $3,289,340 for the Agassiz Water Users District’s rural water supply project and $98,742 for the city of Niche’s Highway 18 Project.

“Reliable water supplies and comprehensive flood protection are crucial to the success of our citizens, communities and economy, and this state funding will advance these projects further toward completion,” Miller said. “The state of North Dakota continues to invest in smart, efficient infrastructure in partnership with communities investing in their own future with matching dollars, and we’re grateful to the Legislature, State Water Commission and Department of Water Resources for their vision and support.”

Agassiz Water Users District received construction cost-share for their Expansion Phase 2 effort. The project is approximately 26.5 miles in length and will include the replacement and upgrade of transmission pipeline between several reservoirs and the cities of Manvel and Grand Forks. The project will also include expansion to add seven new users.

The city of Neche received cost-share for preconstruction costs associated with their Neche Highway 18 project. The project is part of the city of Neche’s effort to develop a FEMA-accredited levee system. They are working with the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) to remove and replace culverts and reconstruct the intersection at 108th St NE and Highway 18 (7th St). The NDDOT has agreed to fund the construction portion of the project.

"Today's approvals mark another significant step forward for essential water projects in North Dakota," said Andrea Travnicek, ND Department of Water Resources Director. "These investments demonstrate the state’s continued commitment to ensuring reliable water supply and flood protection infrastructure for our citizens and communities, paving the way for a sustainable future."

The primary purpose of the Cost-Share Program is to assist local project sponsors with financial support for water development projects – making them more affordable to local constituents. The 10-member SWC consists of Gov. Doug Burgum as chairman, Ag. Commissioner Doug Goehring, and eight members appointed by the governor to serve six-year terms. For additional information, please visit

Earlier this week, Travnicek provided a State of Water in North Dakota presentation at the 60th Annual Joint North Dakota Water Convention and Irrigation Workshop. During her speech, she announced DWR’s new “Know Your Aquifer” educational campaign. The email campaign is free to sign up for and will run from January through June 2024. Learn more at Travnicek also discussed DWR’s budget, progress on state-owned projects like Northwest Area Water Supply and Southwest Pipeline Project, ongoing water resource management efforts and other ongoing DWR initiatives.