Wastewater Equipment

NDRWSA provides free technical support for communities along with tools to assist in providing quality service to their customers.  The wastewater tools, listed below, will always be delivered, and accompanied by one of our Technical Advisors free of charge to your system. We strive to make your system our #1 priority.

Sewer CameraGen-Eye Vista Video Pipe Inspection/Location System Operating Instructions

Our General Gen-eye vista sewer camera, available for a small maintenance fee, can be used to retrieve great information that is unable to be seen from ground level.  Our camera is a push-pull camera, so it has limitations as most tools do.

The General Gen-eye vista sewer camera features self-leveling, digital recording capabilities so the information retrieved today can be viewed later as well. The sewer camera is also accompanied with a locating device that gives us the pin-point location and depth of the camera head that can assist with repairs and help reduce excavation costs and time repairing your system.


Smoke Machine

Our smoke testing machine is not just for your system’s own benefit, it is also a fantastic tool for your resident’s well-being.  They may have a sewer gas leak in their home, from a cracked sewer line, a dry sewer trap or unproperly vented plumbing. These gas leaks can potentially harm your residents.

Smoke testing a sewer line with smoke rising out of the groundOur smoke testing machine can help detect leaks in your collection system such as open clean outs, cracked lines, abandoned service laterals and unknown storm drains connected to your system. Detection of these leaks can be a great potential for cost savings for your system. Reducing lift station operation and maintenance costs, strain on your lagoon cells and main line infiltration sediments.  

Our Ripcord sewer smoke testing machine is available for a small fee to cover maintenance costs and a non-toxic oil used to generate smoke. 


Sludge Testing Equipment

We are proud to announce our newest sludge testing tool in our arsenal: The Power Vision Dolphin.  The Dolphin is equipped with sonar and 4g televising capabilities. It was donated to NDRWSA by Team Laboratory Chemical Corp.

Power Vision PowerDolphin Underwater Drone The Power Vision Dolphin Drone, unlike the traditional sludge testing means, allows us to collect sludge depths safely on the water’s edge in a very timely manner. Sludge testing provides great information about the health of your lagoon cells and can save your system thousands of dollars in the future if treated properly.

We will still provide traditional sludge testing, as long as your system is able to provide a boat to navigate your holding cells. Traditional sludge testing will still need to be completed prior to the drone if your cells do not have the original depth markers. NDRWSA can assist your system in preparing for future testing with the drone only.